21 Flower Plants that Do not Need Much Water to Grow

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21 Flower Plants that do not Need Much Water to Grow


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If you have a busy schedule, still you like to grow outdoor plants or indoor balcony plants, no worry we are here to help you.


  • You can plant drought tolerant plants,
  • These plants doesn’t require much water, fertilization and grow in low maintenance speedily.
  • They can grow in hard and dry soil.
  • You can be care free after growing these outdoor plants.
  • You can water these plants once in a week.
  • Drought tolerant plant can bare excess hit of sun and can bloom even in the less water supplies.


Whether you are planning for plantation in balcony and outdoor garden area, these 21 flowers plants are the best choice for this. You might be thinking about the names and the flower plants, here is the info. We have given complete information about plants and their flowers. You will definitely get good idea of which flower plant you can plant for the upcoming summer season, read it. If you want to send flowers online to someone then visit our online store and get wide choices of flowers


1. Portulaca


Portulaca Flowers Plants


A colorful flower plant can be survived in the hard and rock soil. It has a thick succulent leaves that preserve its natural beauty for a longer time. It requires sun warmth and less water. A small multicolored rose looks wonderful when it is planted in the outdoor garden.


2. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea Flowers Plants


Bougainvillea is a king of drought tolerant plants. It is very easy to grow in any kind of soil and also it require small amount of water to nurture. It is the hardest shrubs can be easily planted in the outdoors to decor the outdoor walls.


3. Lithops


Lithops Flowers Plants


It is very different stone like plant which has a hard succulent leaves. For its unique structure of stone it is known as “living stones” plant. It requires minimal of water and it has a long shelf life for its succulent property. They are easy to maintain because they doesn’t require much maintenance or fertilization.


4. Verbena


Verbena Flowers Plants


Verbena flower requires heat and really good plant to grow in outdoors. It comes in various color flower plant needed dried soil to grow. It spring blooms in spring to fall season. This consumes less water to grow and also it can be bloom in the tropical season too.


5. Blanket Flower “Gaillardia”


Blanket Flowers Plants


Blanket flower “Gaillardia” just requires a sunny place and dried soil. Anyone who loves to plant small flowers with less water, this is the best plant to grow. It springs blooms in summer season to fall. It is an ideal plant can be planted in both warm and cold climate.


6. Oleander


Oleander Flowers Plants


Oleander comes in different types of colorful flowers. It is a tropical shrub which requires minimal of water to grow and bloom. This can be well planted in the coastal areas. This spreads beautiful aroma and also it can bare a sunny hit of summer.


7. Wallflower


Wallflowers Plants


Wallflower is a beautiful purple color flower plant usually planted in the warmer regions. This is a short lived perennials bloom in spring and summer in clusters. It is good to place in sunny pot and not water it much. Sunny spot is a good choice to plant wallflower plant.


8. Rock Soapwort


Rock Soapwort Flowers Plants


It is a perfect flower plant grows in rock soil. It grows in the mountainous region and doesn’t grow in hot climates. It is a good option to grow blooms in the mountain area. It requires less water and easily grows in the hard and rock soil. Extreme chilled weather can destroy this flower.


9. Adenium


Adenium Flowers Plants


Adenium is known as a best houseplant and outdoor plant. It is an all season’s flower plant can be planted in the dried soil. It doesn’t need much water to grow. It requires good sun hit to grow and need watering once in a week. Its succulent flowers live for a week to adore the balcony and outdoor garden area.


10. Lavender


Lavender Flowers Plants


Everyone would love to lavender in their garden. It is popular for its herbal remedies. Lavender can be planted in the small pot, springs blooms in the drought soil. It can be planted in the pot drains excess water. Lavender plant doesn’t require much water to grow and hits good aroma when blooms.


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11. Lantana


Lantana Flowers Plants


Lantana is a beautiful multicolor flower plant which can be planted in the drought soil and rock soil. This doesn’t require much care to water. It rapidly grows in the spring and summer season. These aromatic flowers can be easily planted in small flower pots.

12. Red Valerian


Red Valerian Flowers Plants


It is a sweet scented flower blooms in the summer. This flower is used to smell the garden area. It blooms from April to October. It is mainly found in the coastal area. With minimal of fertilization and water this is a good alternate of growing plant in the garden area. Plan to grow two or three plant together in garden if you want to spread a magical romance in the garden.


13. Rose Campion


Rose Campion Flowers


Rose Campion is the beautiful draught resistant plant. Mostly we need plants that grow in winter and summer season. It is a perfect plant bare sun hit and also cold weather. Silver green foliage with small with small cutie flowers is the soul of attraction of this plant. If you are planning to grow this plant, plan to plant before winter starts.


14. Yarrow


Yarrow Flowers Plants


When you want the plan gardening before dry-spell hits, Yarrow is the right choice. It is the best drought resilient plant for your garden. This can be survived in both desert season and rain fall season. It is a low maintenance plant goof to plant in sunny spots.


15. Milfoil


Milfoil Flowers Plants


Milfoil bares the excess hit and excess drought in the summer season. It is a drought tolerant perennials blooms like Yarrow. It’s stems blooms and shines with bright yellow umbels. No maintenance or fertilization is required you just need to cut the unbloomed flowers from the plant.


16. Russian Sage


Russian Sage Flowers Plants


It is also known as Top Smelling Flowers bares excess hit and hard soil. This is used to spread a sweet scent to the garden area. It is well known for its aromatic flavor. It requires abundant of sun hit for blooming so after frost is the good time to grow this plant. Excess water can kill the plant. Spread a sweet fragrance to your balcony or garden area with such a sweet aromatic flower plant.


17. Orange Daylily


Orange Daylily Flowers


Orange Daylily is a herbaceous perennial bloom in orange color with star shape. It blooms in the summer and spring season. It required sunny terrain for growing this flower and doesn’t need much water to grow in the hard soil. Just bend down flowers to ground after it bloomed. This type of lily easily available on internet so, order lilies online.


18. Blue Spire


Blue Spire Flowers Plants


Blue spire is a shiny plant blooms with grey leaves and whitish stems. It occur blue blooms in the month of July and October. So it is our kind request to plant it before summer season strikes around in the month of March. It shines your garden with blue blooms to cool down the summer temperature.


19. Hypericum


Hypericum Flowers Plants


Hypericum is belonged to the family of Hyperivcaceae. This can be planted in the month of July, but it is compatible plant to grow in all season. It springs yellow flower like hibiscus. It cannot tolerate much water so and can be planted in the dessert area or rock soil.


20. Bloody Geranium


Bloody Geranium Flowers Plants


A rustic pink flower blooms in the month of May and June. It is a robust perennial can bare the dessert condition and blooms in the rock and hard soil also. When there is no alternate of watering daily this would be your best option to plant drought tolerant perennial in the garden.


21. Feltleaf Ceanothus


Feltleaf Ceanothus Flowers Plants


It smiles when sun shines. It requires lot of hit to bloom. It blooms beautiful ornamental flowers is a family of shrubs perennial. Though you need not water much water, you just take care to cut the prune after flower blooms. So it would be better choice for you if you are worrying about planting your garden in the summer hit.

Here are the Best Balcony Flowers and garden flowers which consume less care and watering. If you really want to smell and adorn your balcony or garden area, here are the great choices. We have provided the list of 21 flower plants which are easy to grow and requires small amount of water too. It is very true that gardening is not a game of couple of seconds. It requires lot of care and nurture. But with these plants you need not to worry about maintenance and fertilization. You can be care free and stress free when you are growing these plants in your balcony or garden area.


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