15 Famous State flowers For USA

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Today we have come with the beautiful information about the famous state flowers of USA. Each flower is a symbol of every state. Here you can see pictures of the state flowers and their history.

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California=Golden poppy




Golden poppy is a state flower of California. It is a species of Perennial and one of the easiest flowers to grown. This looks beautiful when blooming in the rolling hills and gardens. It was announced as a state flower in 1903 and every year April 6 is known as a Poppy day.


Florida=Orange blossom




Florida the orange blossom is esteemed as state flower of Florida in 1909. It blooms in the autumn and winter. The pyramidal flower is easy to grow in warmer climates. It is successful as a indoor plant in the winters deep below freezing.


Georgia=Cherokee rose




Cherokee Rose is state flower of Georgia. This is an ornamental plant, also known as a Snow-white Rose flower for its pure white petals. It blooms in the early spring and it has a sweet clove like fragrance. Cheek rose means Chinese climbing rose with fragrant white blossoms. it blooms easily in the sunny climates of Georgia.






Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaiian people. Hawaiian hibiscus is also known as the pua aloalo or ma’o hau hele in the state language. It is a most popular ornamental flower of Hawaii. This shrub blooms almost every day. But it does not have long blooming period; it lost its freshness after the day finished.


Maryland=Black-eyed susan




Black-eyed susan is an official flower of Maryland from 1918. It was chosen as the floral emblem of the state. It is a perennial daisies or coneflowers and is a member of sunflower family. The flower blossoms in between May and August. It appears mostly in the Rocky mountains of Maryland.  You can easily found yellow carpet in roadside and fields when they are in a full mood to bloom.






Mayflower is renowned as a state flower of Massachusetts. it is actually revealed as a state flower in the 1900 and 1901. This is derived from the shrub family. This is also known as a best medicinal flower to treat kidney disease. The tiny white and pink flower blooms up to 3 to 4 inches in wide. It’s has a spicy scents lasts for longer. It is an evergreen flower that is easily found in 29 states of United States in including parts of Canada.


Alaska=Forget Me Not




Forget-me-not is a popular symbolic state flower of Alaska. It is a perennial flower and belongs to Boraginaceae family. It was announced as the Alaska’s state flower in 1949. The “forget me not” is mostly known as a night flower because it spreads its sweet fragrance in the night time only. The flower blooms in five salviform petals with a sky blue color. The right time to grow this flower plant is a midsummer, from late June to late July.


New Jersey=Purple violet




There are many species of violet flowers but amongst them Purple Violet is chosen as the New Jersey state flower. This is the most common flower easy to grown in the dooryard. The purple violet blooming time is from March to June.


New York=Rose




Rose is appreciated as a state flower of New York. There are more than 150 species of this flower. It comes from a shrubs family and considered as the most demanding flower for every occasions. The rose flowers blooms mostly in winter but hybrid roses can be grown easily in any season. I think you are now aware of New York City Flowers. All these flowers naturally grow in the climate of their states of New York.


North Carolina=Dogwood




Dogwood is the state flower of North Carolina. Dogwood is popular for its beauty. It is shown as the best flowering tree for the backyard. The flowering tree show flowers in spring. It is a greatly recognized as a popular ornamental tree of America.


Ohio=Scarlet carnation




Scarlet Carnation is the famous state flower of Ohio. This red beauty is designated as a symbolic flower of Ohio in 1904. This is now become the most popular cut flower of the world. This is known as the most romantic flower for its long lasting beauty and strong scent. It is available in white and pink flowers also.


Pennsylvania=Mountain laurel




Mountain Laurel is registered s the official flower of Pennsylvania by the General Assembly in 1907. . This is the most beautiful shrubs of America. The mountain laurel is recognized as a wildflower. This flowers blooms in the star shape and booms in the May and June. Colors and shades may vary; sometimes it blooms in pink sometimes in white. It springs in the late spring and blooms in the snowy cluster.






Bluebonnet is a pride flower of Texas. It is formally announced as a state flower of Texas in 1971. The major attraction of this flower is that it can be grown in hanging basket; it can be grown as a backyard or in the roadside or meadow. This blooms only in the Texas not anywhere in the world.


Virginia=American dogwood




Virginia is accepted as the state flower of Virginia in 1918. The American Dogwood flowers are 1 to 2 inches long and appears snowy white to pinkish petals. The flowers blooms in the late April till early may.


Washington= Coast Rhododendron




Coast Rhododendron represents the Women in Washington in statewide selection in 1892. This is come from shrub family and grows naturally in the fields of Washington. The flower color is occasionally white but sometimes shows pale pink to dark pink color. They are most commonly grown in coastal regions.

This is generally described to give you the actual information about which flower suits to states of USA. Hope you like this article and share it with others too.


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