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10 Lovely Edible Flowers to Decorate Your Delicious Food

Posted by Ocillious 11th June 2019 0 Comment(s)


The celebration seems dull and boring without the decoration of colorful flowers. Flowers cheers up the mood and boost the mood for a party. Now people look more and more to order flowers online to express heartiest emotions.  used to make heavenly scent and beauty crèmes. But have you added this to your culinary dishes? Still not! Lets us help you with this task. Here we talk about some exotic flowers used to make favorite dishes and give exotic taste to dishes. They can be used to decorate the cake, to dress up the salads and soups and to sprinkle on desserts.


1. Starflower



Edible flowers are back to decorate the spring and summer party. Starflower is also known as a borage bloom. it is known as a starflower for its star shape. It has edible blue petals and has a sweet honey taste used to dress up dessert. Its stems are included to dress up the soups and salads. This has a refreshing cucumber taste used to give a refreshing feel to cocktails.


2. Roses



Roses delivery fit into every dish for its sweet taste and strong floral scent. From dried to fresh rose petals both are used to give a nice flavor to dishes. From beverages to dessert, soups to salads rose is a favorite edible flower used to dress up foods from Elizabethan age.


3. Spiny Sesbina



It is also known as White Agasta Sabina grows in Ayutthaya, Thailand. This is most probably used to add sweetness in desserts and to give a unique taste in an omelet. It gives a unique flavor to coconut gravy. It has a sweet and soothing taste used for the fusion in lemonade and in cocktail drinks.


4. Hibiscus



Hibiscus petals have a refreshing cranberry taste. Hibiscus flower petals are used to dress up desserts, soups, and salads. Mostly it is recommended to use in drinks. Hibiscus has an antioxidant property so it is best used to detox the body. Now hibiscus organic tea is available in the market for improvement in health.


5. Pansy



Pansies are the most popular for their lovely colors. Pansies beauty is adorable and so its taste too. this edible flower is used to adorn the special wedding cake. Dried or fresh flowers it has a beautiful flavor to go and match with a sweet dessert. Mostly it is used for garnishing purposes to enhance the decoration of dishes and cakes.


6. Cornflower


Cornflower has a deep blue pigment that is used to dress up salads, soups, and desserts. Cornflower has a mild flavor and mostly used to give a bluish color on plates. Cornflower dried petals are used to improve digestion. Cornflower fresh petals are used to dress up and mix in the cool drinks. Cornflower dried petals used to make herbal teas which are used to treat dysmenorrhea and other menstrual disorders.


 7. Chicory



Chicory petals, seeds, and stems all are useful. Chicory has woody stems with bright blue, pink and white flowers. Chicory has a coffee-like bitter flavor. It is used to dress up vegetables and salads. The leaf buds are boiled and mixed in soups. The roots have a bitter taste used to enhance the flavor of the coffee.


 8. Zucchini



Zucchini is the most popular flower used worldwide to dress up salads, soups, vegetables, and desserts. Zucchini is most probably used in making bread, muffins and to mix up as a herb in Mexican food. Zucchinis French fries is a crowd-pleasing dish all over the world.


9. Pretty In Punch


Viola, carnation, and violets are pretty cool flowers to mix up in summer drinks. All three flowers dried and fresh flower petals used to garnish cake, salads and vegetable curry. It has a distinct flavor that adds an extra punch to sweet and savory dishes. Besides this, they have a beautiful color shade that helps to give “wow” decoration on culinary dishes.


10. Candied Perfection



Lavender flower is mostly used to treat various diseases like cough, nausea, sleeping disorders and many. But here lavender fragrance and beauty are added to culinary dishes. Lavender is used to garnishing various types of soups and salads. Not just that it is also used to mix with various other herbs to make cool and refreshing summer drinks. Lavender herbal tea is a popular drink to fight against mental stress and insomnia.


so here is the quick look of edible flowers used to garnish delicious foods. Edible flowers have a unique flavor that separates your food from regular food. They are good for health too. So why not use it? Many of you have grown roses, lavender plants. So you can regularly use it in your dish to make it a healthy food.


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