Non Fragrant Flowers

Non Fragrant Flowers
The presence of flowers undoubtedly brings loads of happiness in the faces of the people who are near to them. This often brings forth the question of whether it is the look of the flowers that does the wonders or is it the fragrance of the flowers. Some people give credit to their fragrance mainly and forget about the flowers that have no fragrance in them. Many people have the tendency of telling florists not to add non-fragrant flowers in their flower bouquets since they lack fragrance. This is seriously not the right attitude because, like fragrant flowers, non-fragrant flowers is also essential. They have a specific place on this earth and that is due to a number of factors. Let us find out the main uses of non-fragrant flowers.

Non-fragrant flowers usage

The biggest utility that is derived from the flower is from their look. No matter whether the flower has fragrance or not, it has in it the serene, calm look that captures the senses of man. Thus, if one gives more importance to their beauty rather than their fragrance, then there is hardly any difference between them.

  • Used to prevent allergies

Non-fragrant flowers have a tendency to combat the essence of fragrant flowers to a great extent. These flowers are added to bouquets by florists to prevent allergies. It is often seen that people develop allergies such as headaches, itching or they feel unable to eat due to the fragrant smell of the flowers. It happens, especially in a wedding when you are sitting beside a flower. These allergies never occur for a very long span of time, but their occurrence surely spoils the evening. The biggest pro of a wedding is its food and if you are unable to enjoy that only then what is the use of attending the event.

  • Used for gift to people who suffering from sinus or allergies

People who suffer from sinus problems must be kept away from fragrant flowers. It is not that all flowers have fragrance in them that affects the people having sinus. Some people have skin allergies also that can happen due to fragrant flowers.

  • Used to keep birds away

Pollination is done best in non-fragrant flowers as they lack the fragrance that would keep a bird away from them so insect can pollinate it.