Funeral Flower

Funeral Flower

The era of the 21st century has seen a rise in technology and the things that use technology, but when the question comes on funeral ceremonies people still prefer to do something natural. Imagine going to a funeral ceremony that uses technology to honor the remembrance of the deceased. Till now to honor the deceased people use flowers which are an emblem of life before death. Some people try to have everything of a funeral ceremony in flowers. Flowers are printed in the funeral cards, the coffin is decorated with flowers and even the guests are greeted with flowers in some ceremonies.

Types of flowers used in funerals

The type of flower that you ultimately want to choose in order to honor the deceased depends largely upon the person. No matter what sort of relationship you have had with the deceased, there are some flowers that are commonly used in funerals.

Lily is a flower that is associated mostly with a funeral ceremony. Lily symbolizes innocence and since after death a soul has become highly pure, symbolizing it with lily is not a very bad thing also.

  • Carnations

There are different varieties of flowers in a carnation. Red carnation represents the feeling of admiration that you have for the deceased. Pink carnation depicts your remembrance whereas white shows how pure your love is for him or her.

People think that roses hold a utility only on birthdays; anniversaries, etc., but in actual rose are one flower that can be used anytime. Thus, using a funeral must not provoke any doubt in you.

Flowers arrangements for the funeral

Since the funeral is about your loved one try to decorate it a way that symbolizes the character of that person or the work he or she did. If the deceased is a kid then try to honor him with an arrangement similar to what a child would want. Similarly you can choose the arrangement according to the nature of the person even.