Flowers are a symbol of love according to some whereas according to others flowers are something that can be used anywhere and in any occasion. Whether the occasion is a sad one or a pleasant one you can symbolize it with flowers anytime. Gifting flower bouquets on happy occasions is a form of greeting whereas gifting one on sad occasions is a form of remembrance. Both these roles are performed by flowers, but the only difference is in the color and the type of flowers chosen for the purpose.

Flowers for sympathy etiquette

Supposing you have missed out a funeral ceremony of a person of your acquaintance, you can show your grief to the family of the deceased with flowers. The biggest pro of using flowers is that their subtle and serene look has the power to help overcome the times of grief for the person’s family. The choice of flowers that you do for sending as sympathy etiquette can be based on the character of the deceased or if you do not know the person well then you might give ordinary flowers also. Make sure that the flowers you are sending are smaller or mid- sized ones. Bigger flowers are usually used in the funeral service thus one must avoid sending them for sympathy etiquette. The choices of flowers usually have no specification and thus you can go for any flower that presents a serene look.

Flowers for funeral etiquette

The reason why people prefer to send flowers on the times of grievance is that their presence gives a sense of relief to the family of the deceased. Funeral ceremonies are never a delightful thing and if the one for whom you are arranging the flowers is a close one then it is the entire more tough. Funeral ceremony is the last journey of your loved one, thus try to decorate it with the flowers that best symbolize them. If the person was a joyful one, then red roses portray him the best. Even red roses symbolize your deep love for him or her. On the other hand if the person was a calm and quiet one then decorating with white lilies would be the best option.