How Flowers Have Changed Over Time

How Flowers Have Changed Over Time
Flowers are beautiful indeed, it speaks thousands of emotions. Flowers are often considered as the right kind of gift for your loved ones, irrespective of the occasion. However, concentrating on the contemporary flowers and flower industry, flowers have changed a lot over time.

Flowers changed according to the atmosphere

Atmospheric changes are leaving heavy impacts on the flower productions. Climatic changes are affecting the diversity of the species in more than one way. Also, it is noticed that the gradual warming of the climate is causing shifts in the life cycle of the most of the flowering plants and that is ultimately playing a role in changing the flowers over the years. Plants grown under higher temperature is more likely to produce fewer flowers or no flower at all. The mass flower production is suffering most these days due to the change in the atmosphere and the warming of the climate. Most of the flowering plants are stressed due to high temperature. Again the soil moisture is yet another factor that plays a role in changing flowers over time. It is not just that the climate changes are playing havoc on the flower production, but the color, size and quality of the flowers are also decreasing. The plant and pollinator physiology are also disturbed by the atmospheric changes.

How do flowers change colors with food coloring?

Different technologies are used to produce flowers artificially, as flower production is largely hindered by the climatic changes. One of the most common ways to produce colorful flowers is by using the food colors. The color of the flowers basically changes by plant transport. When flowers are placed in a vase with colored water, the stem absorbs the colored water through the tissues present in it. The tissues pull the water by forming hydrogen bonds along with the water molecules. This hydrogen bond eventually creates a string of water molecules that goes upward to the petals of the flowers. This process is known as ‘Transpiration’. The colored water when gets dispersed in the flower petals, the flower seems colored. Different colors of flowers are being made using this process. These methods and technologies are evident that how flowers are changing over time.