Ingredients and Chemistry of Flowers

Ingredients and Chemistry of Flowers
The ingredients and chemistry of flowers in the preparation of perfumes is a science of yesterday. Years which have been further modified by successive generations. Flowers have an aesthetic appeal and their scent enlivens anyone looking at them. And it is a whole story altogether when these natural wonders make up the composition of perfumes.
  • Flowers used as an ingredient in perfumes

Perfumes have been an integral part of the history associated with the various civilizations on earth. Be it Indian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Chinese; the perfumes and its use have been continuously blended with the diurnal activities of both the rich and the poor.

The alluring scents of flowers are the result of the climate and the type of soil they are grown in. The commonly used flowers for making of perfumes are, Jasmine, Roses (Damask to be more sought after), Lavender, Plumeria, Magnolia, Moon flower, Lilies, Violets, Chamomile and Sweet Pea.

  • Flowers used as an ingredient in recipes

Every woman has her own preference of scents and so, the flowers are accordingly taken to suit each preference. And the flowers are used with distilled water, vodka, cheese cloth and other ingredients which bring out the essence. The flowers are plucked in the early morning hours when flowers retain their maximum scent and the science of preparing flower scents both with and without chemicals is a very patience requiring procedure that needs to be followed by manufacturers.

Flowers have been an integral part of culinary delights too, being added to sweetmeats, cakes and other savory dishes, adding color and flavor to the recipe. There are edible flower recipes too. The most common flowers that go into food recipes are, Hibiscus, Rose, Rose Geranium, Chive, Violet, Calendula, Thyme, Cherry Blossom, and Nasturtium.

  • Best flower combination 

One needs to choose fresh flowers and then dry them before using them into food preparation. One can make buttermilk berry muffins, or yogurt dip with cucumber, rose petals, nuts or. Better still, nice tantalizing “after meal” beverages like Roohafza and rose petal yogurt.

While visiting one’s near and dear ones on some occasion or during the festivities, one needs to have a fresh bunch of flowers to greet. Various flower combinations or a particular flower combination, suiting the occasion go a long way in quietly delivering the messages. It has been the practice through the ages.