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How Are They Transported From Farms To Homes

How Are They Transported From Farms To Homes
It is a known fact that people love to have flowers in their homes so that they can add natural beauty to their homes. Some people like to have them in their gardens while the others like to have them in their terraces or balconies. Lack of space would not allow you to fulfill every corner of your house and you must not do that also because flowers do not grow everywhere. There are specific places where flowers grow the best and thus you need to make sure that your flowers are placed there only. When you buy a flower pot or a particular flower from your florist one question that hardly comes across your mind is that how were they brought in for sale? Flowers that you buy are firstly grown in farms from where they are bought by the sellers and finally they are sold to the customers for their homes.

How are cut flowers transported?

The transportation of flowers that have been already cut before is very difficult and they need to be transported with utmost care. Firstly, one must wrap the cut flowers into wet cotton wool. This helps in maintaining the moisture level in the flowers. After that plastic bags must be tied around the cotton wool and they must be tied with rubber bands quite carefully around their stems. These flowers must be laid flatly in boxes and be transported either in cars or in hands. This is done so that flowers are not overturned in the boxes. If you are transporting fragile flowers try to keep them in containers of the shape of vases. This must be supported against a strong background so that they do not fall with the turn of the vehicle. The last but the most essential thing is to keep them in a cool environment in the vehicle. Falling this might make your flowers lose their freshness.

These cut flowers are used mainly for planting them in bouquets or transporting to markets etc. They can also be used to plant in homes but then you just need to cut them from almost their root levels so that your flowers are lively when they reach your flower pot.