Flower Shows List By City/Country

Flower Shows List By City/Country
The mesmerizing beauty of flowers have influenced the people of some nations so much that they are now arranging flower festivals and shows on a yearly basis. The best part of these flowers shows is that, in them not just the people of a single class participate, but in actual it is organized for all the nationals of the region. For the people who have not visited these flower shows till now the advice is to have a look at what is happening new in the town and visit them as soon as possible.

New Jersey battle of flowers

For the people who do not have an idea about the carnival of flowers that is organized every year in New Jersey this is surely a piece of information. Every year on the first Thursday of august this festival is organized by the people of New Jersey. The festival is full of food, music, fun, entertainment and amongst all these is the parade of flowers. Earlier what was the battle between participants and spectators now has been extended to just a simple flower display in the city. The flowers are now merely decorated on the floats and this parade ends with large fireworks later on in the day.

Flower show in Spalding (UK)

To mark the celebrations of the jubilee of King George V and his wife Mary, this flower show is organized every year in Spalding. This festival was earlier dedicated to only tulips display, but in recent times this has been extended to other flowers too. In this, floats are decorated with tulip heads and the festival permits decorating a float with at least 100000 flower heads, that is the reason why this show has got so much attention of all the flower lovers of the world.

Flower carpet show in Belardo

For the people who are thinking of visiting Belardo(Italy) in the month of June there is one more reason that would thrill them to visit the place in June. The reason is the flower carpet show in the streets of the city. All the local artists of the place line up to display their talent on decoration with the aid of colorful flowers.

Netherlands flower parade

A flower parade has been organized in the city of the Dutch people. In this flower parade car, floats and boats are decorated with flowers that add to their beauty. In the areas of Zundert dahlias flowers are the biggest attractors and thus basically this festival would be a showcase of the beauty of dahlias.