Country Wise News And Events

Country Wise News And Events
The biggest example of the fact that people love flowers for their beauty is that now countries are organizing events on flowers on a repeated basis. Not only are events being organized, but flowers are coming up also in the charts of news, which again shows the growing importance of theirs in our day to day life. There were in recent times, some flowers news that has hit the market. Let us take a look to what that news was.

Food and Flowers freedom act, Los Angeles

In recent times news came up that a woman passionate about flowering and planting has been given the freedom to plant flowers in her home. In Los Angeles planting in areas that fall under non-flowering zones is not permitted, but for this woman this law was also changed. She has promised in the court of law that the flowers or the planting she will be doing would be free of pesticides, thus there is no cause of worry in the neighborhood. This only permitted the passage of Food and Flowers freedom act in Los Angeles.

The healing power of lavenders

For the people who believed lavenders to be the source of only beauty or a medium to decorate your bouquets, there is news on the healing power of theirs. Lavenders are natural healers of nerves and have been doing this work since centuries for people. The only difference is that people came to notice this pretty later on in the society.

Enjoy the edible beautiful flowers

The beauty of flowers would have hardly made some of us think that they can be used for adding nutrients in our body too. Studies have recently revealed that there are some flowers whose petals carry loads of nutrients in them. These flowers which were earlier only restricted to showcasing can now also used in your foods.

Netherlands flower parade

A flower parade has been organized in the city of the Dutch people. In this flower parade car, floats and boats are decorated with flowers that add to their beauty. In the areas of Zundert dahlias flowers are the biggest attractors and thus basically this festival would be a showcase of the beauty of dahlias.