How to order flowers?

How to order flowers?

Flowers have been the ultimate media to greet people since time memorial. The scent of the fresh petals rejuvenating the every living cell in the body is the best momentary gift one can gift to people close to them. Be it your family, your girlfriend your friends or even your boss; everybody loves flowers! But in this fast paced life it becomes difficult for someone to take time to personally deliver flowers to their loved ones. Thanks to the online delivery system by which allows you to send flowers anywhere in Philadelphia.

The process is easy, gives an advanced edge to the buyer and saves unquestionably a great deal of time. It is simple to order flowers with Send Flowers & More.

Step 1: Select the location where you would like to have the flowers delivered. In case the flowers are ordered before the local cut-off time, they are delivered the very same day.The catalogue for each country is different from the other which appears only after choosing a particular country.

Step 2: After choosing the destination you can select the type of florals you wish to send. The best way to choose the flowers is to pick the ones which would suit the personality of the person as well as the occasion. The occasions can be selected from the drop down list of the website in which the user can find varieties of options for different occasions.

Step 3: The beauty of the flowers can be enhanced using some selected add-ons, for the chosen flower. The sender can also add a personal message which would symbolize the uniqueness and speciality of the person at the receiving end. Once the sender is done customising the greeting he can choose a particular delivery date.

Step 4: You're asked to provide an email where you would like to get the order confirmation. Post confirmation you will need to enter the delivery address along with the number of the recipient.

Step 5: Payment - There are various methods to make payments for the deliveries. One can use PayPal, a credit card or a debit card. In case you want to pay by cheque it is advised to pay through PayPal.

That is it, we'll take care of everything from there on and if for any reason you need to make any update to your order information you may simply do that by sending us a message via your status page or an email and the customer service will be more then happy to make the update and send you the confirmation.