Balloon Usage In Party Decorations

Balloon Usage In Party Decorations

Balloons are very much popular for decoration purpose. Now balloons are making their way to all different occasional decoration such as wedding and anniversaries. They give a classy and sophisticated decoration, which adds the fin and a whimsical element to the venue. There are new ways to give the old favorite a new light and classy look for the grand day. Here is the Balloon usage in the party decoration.


1. Decoration In Different Ways

Like the variety of colors available, there are different ways of balloon decoration too. Hang the balloon on ceiling with creative cards and photos, and make a special party decoration for loved ones. Not only this, there are different ways to decorate with balloons. There are different types of balloons. Until now all you have been doing is sticking 6 to 7 balloons scattered over the walls and hanging few of them on the table. But that is not what you need to follow and do now, adding a special touch to your balloon decoration can make every bite of the efforts worth it.

So if you are thinking of party decoration with balloons then here are a few ideas that you need to know. Using them is very easy and making the moment even more special is easier than it. The ideas are easy to adopt and quick to implement.

1.1 Illuminated LED Balloons

This balloon is a different type of decoration that you can have for special parties and wedding. It gives a glowing light decoration to the venue. It gives a gorgeous glow to the venue just as the lights at the party glam up everything. LED balloons are best to compliment with the lightings that you have done at the party.

Lights and this balloon decoration go hand in hand and can give you a completely surprising outcome. May it be a birthday, wedding or anniversary party, it can simply make the moment special and beautiful. If you think of clamming up the occasion with more brightness with minimal colors, than this one, of the right ideas to decorate with balloons.

1.2 Light The Base

Until it as only the colors that use the glam up the occasion, but now with the newly invented LED light up vase creates a perfect drama for the eve. The complete effect of this balloon creates a wow effect in the picture and in reality.

It is not an actual balloon that you will be using, but a glass vase in the shape of balloons. They look exactly like balloons but are not the real one. In the balloon shaped vase, you can add in colorful light and light up the base. This idea can add spark to any corner and arrangement.

1.3 Lit From Within – Glow Stick Balloons

The lit from within, glowing stick balloons that float the shine light takes you to a completely different world. It has something special to talk about quality. When a venue decorated with this balloon, I’m Sure, your guests will not resist themselves from staring and wondering how you actually did it. If you too are wondering how did it happen, then it is very simple. Simply take a glowing stick and fit it inside you blown balloon. These sticks will create a new ambient lighting that will glow every corner of your venue.

The light stick or the glowing sticks are available online to buy, so if you are thinking of implementing this idea, then you need to prearrange them so that everything else falls in its place. It is very easy and quick to play around. Insert the stick in balloons and then inflate it. When it is being kept in the dark place, it will automatically glow and light up the balloon without bursting the balloon.

1.4 Lace Balloon

To create a feminine, sophisticated and elegant touch to the balloon decoration, this balloon decoration is just the right one to create a gorgeous lace lantern with the fabric and lace. Use the balloon as a form to create the lantern.

To make this beautiful piece, you don’t have to take much effort. It is one of the trending DIY elements that many are trying. To make the lantern by over draping lace doilies, take a balloon and drape it with beautiful lace. You need to use inflated balloon here and use wallpaper glue to stick the lace. Make sure the balloon is completely covered by the lace and not a single part of it is kept open. Covering the whole thing will help to harden the DIY. Now all you need to do it pop the balloon slowly and pull it out of the lace, while doing this you will have to be patient and more conscious. Before you pop the balloon out, make sure the DIY is completely dried and clean. Once everything is properly done, and the balloon is popped out, you will have a beautiful lace balloon lantern, which can add a special touch of elegance to your balloon decoration. Hand it on your ceiling or above your dining table with a ribbon as a string. Use strand of beads to add more creativity to it.

1.5 Floating On Air

If you are having a pool party or beach side party, this decoration of balloons is just the appropriate one to glow up the venue. You are familiar with the helium gas, thus, using this balloon you can float colors and number of balloons on the layer of water, which will give you a completely different effect. You can also anchor the balloon to create one more special effects in the pool. This balloon decoration idea has completely changed the picture of the pool side part. It has added color and spark to the base of blue sky and blue water. Each color of the balloon goes very well with the blue combination.

There are different homemade ways to create your own helium-floating balloon. You can surf on the net and find the ways to create your own helium balloon without helium gas. 


1.6 Confetti Balloons

A perfect round shaped beautiful balloon are not enough these days, add some spark to it by filling colorful confetti and feathers. Add charm and character to the balloons with the special strings attached to it, which is also known as “tail”.

Fill balloons with confetti or glitter and an extra added touch to the balloons. Using small pieces of paper and mini pop up can make it look more special when they have a creative string too. But while doing this the only thing that you will have to take care is to add things that won’t give it a weight to pull down.


2. Make Balloons Creative For Decoration

It is very important to make it look creative, which actually will give you an all-new world of creation sparklers has been a standard for the grand exit. A special balloon decoration can make the moment special and even a photograph too.

Add some creative element to the balloon like dots, colorful stokes, animal face and make it look create like never before. It is truly unbelievable how you can create an art out of the balloon. Give your balloon a different look by adding special creative elements to it. For instance, make it look like a lollipop and candy, which will look enough to eat. Some of the ways you can make your simple balance creative and colorful is:

2.1 Put a glow stick in balloons before inflating them

Adding a glowing stick in the balloon and then inflating it will give you a perfect glowing balloon to decorate for your late night party. It can light up any corner of the house or the venue in the dark. In other word you can light up your house with some creative lights and presentation of the balloons.

It is very important to put the stick before inflating. The reason for this is because, it will allow you to blow the balloon without disturbance. If done later, then it will cause difficulty in inserting. If you try to insert it after inflating, then while doing this; air filled inside will come out and you will again have to start from zero. 


2.2 Make a confetti balloon

To make a confetti, balloons all you will need is some colorful papers and creative ideas to present it. For instance, tie a balloon on spring and force it into the box, so that when someone will open it, it will pop out. Now cover the spring with colourful paper and other decorative. It is not so difficult to make your won, you can make more creative ideas to add in your balloon.

2.3 Make Balloons Blown Up To Different Sizes And Just Taped To The Wall

It is easier to arrange the balloon on a table or on the floor or on the top of the ceiling, but how about making it special this time. Blow up balloons of different shapes and different colors and simply tape them on the wall to create a wall full of balloons.

2.4 Add A Paper Cone To The Balloons 

We all love to see some usual things in a different way, thus, ice creams are one of the favorite things that every one of us love to have and see around us. So this time add the feel of ice cream to the balloons by adding cone on the bottom of it. Hang the balloon anywhere around the table or on the ceiling by adding a string to the cone, which will perfectly give a look of ice cream floating in the air.

Things you would need to make this:

  • Colorful papers
  • Glue
  • Strings
  • Balloons
  • Scissor


2.5 Balloons In A Shape Of Fruits

Kids love it when they see something unusual and colorful. Fruits are something we all are familiar with and when you present them a balloon in fruit shape, they will surely love this surprise. So how do you do it actually?

Use a yellow balloon to give it a look of pineapple. But, how again, then it Is simply don’t blow the balloon completely, blows it until it blooms till the needed shape of the fruit, then add the leaves of the fruit with colorful paper cuttings and shapes.

Things you would need to make this:

  • Colorful papers
  • Glue
  • Strings
  • Balloons
  • Scissor


2.6 Paint The Balloon

Last but not the least, another easy way to make your boring balloons interesting and creative is through adding different elements of colors. Oh no, not the entire balloon, but you can paint it with other special glitters and elements. Use golden paint to color the bottom of the balloon and paint something creative such as geometrical designs or cures with golden paint. This will add the missing glow and unusual touch to the balloon and will complete your balloon decoration.

You have complete freedom to paint anything on the balloon. There are no such restrictions to paint on the balloon. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that, it should not look tacky. Keep it simple, sober and elegant with fine painting.

This is one of the easiest way to use your imagination on the balloon. To do this you will need:

  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Balloons
  • Strings to Hand

In addition, additions things as per your choice.

Therefore, with these different types of balloon decoration ideas, you can make any moment and occasion special. Say bye-bye to the old version of balloon decoration and glam up the venue with the new creation of balloon decoration. They are easy to do at home and quick to implement. Therefore, your time is saved with the right information and idea. However, if you fear to mess up if not have any practice do, then you can simply try on one or two balloons first and then proceed to create a complete ambience with balloons.

Having balloon decoration at the party can glam up and cheer up the moment and venue. So do not miss out the special touch to add with balloons in your special day.