Balloon Usage In Occasions

Balloon Usage In Occasions

Balloons have always represented something positive. Whenever we see a bunch of balloons, it is bound to lift up our moods, maybe this is the very reason that whenever we have an occasion to celebrate, a compulsory item in the decorations are - balloons. Apart from being used as a decorative item to make a place look beautiful and lively, balloons make a perfect gift for many events. There is something about this air-filled brightly colored item that never ceases to impress us. When we were children it was usual for us to buy an attractive balloon on our way to a fair, it is still common for lovers to gift heart shaped balloons to each other. Since ages Balloons have remained compatible with celebration. It can be used to celebrate an important person’s work for the society or for the purpose of remembrance of a brave act. Be it birthday parties, weddings, or  graduation parties, balloons always find their way in these special occasions adorning the gate, staircase or the entire room of the event.

Balloon Variation Used in Occasion

In earlier times, all the balloons were almost identical. Those same old round, simple and plain balloons were used for every type of occasions. No creativity or uniqueness whatsoever. Now-a-days balloon decor has reached a new level of charm. Today balloons come in different sizes :small to life size and are made up of various materials ranging from latex to foil. You have different options to choose: from a metallic to simple looking balloon.

Every occasion has its own set of balloons and there is a unique way to display these beautiful balloons.

Balloon designs for occasions- Apart from weddings, christenings and birthdays, balloons also find their use in a variety of events. It may be a promotional event of a brand, charities to gather money or support from society or advertising for a company. The list of occasions is unlimited. Take an instance of charities: Charities are typical kind of events that requires peoples’ attention. Balloon serves a perfect amalgamation of attracting people and that too in an economical way. Charities are organized to raise awareness or derive people’s support for a particular good cause like collecting money to help underprivileged children, cancer researchh project, etc. When people are invited to contribute for the betterment of society, the least you can do is please them with beautiful balloon decorations.

  • Personalized Photo Balloons

Design your very own balloon. A plain balloon can be transformed into a unique piece of art with some of your own creative designs; such balloons are superb for birthdays and theme parties. You can print the photo of the birthday girl or boy on the balloon and deliver special messages for them along with the photo. If the occasion is a theme party, for example- having a fairytale theme, the characters of famous fairy tales can be engrossed on the balloons to enhance the party theme further.

  • Number Balloons

Number balloons are a recent innovation when compared to the archhaic prototype balloons. Number balloons have a multitude of functions. Sometimes these may be used by companies to display their profits to people for the whole year in their year end party; malls may use them to draw attention of people to their offered discounts or for emphasis of the age, one has reached in his/her birthday. Another occasion where they are intensely ordered is Graduation parties. These come in different colors red, blue, yellow, golden, silver, etc. To make number balloons more fabulous you can choose to have them designed, complementary balloons are given in same color as the designed ones to make the decorations more stunning. These are hassle free because they are auto –inflatable. Placing number balloons in the venue make the decorations more eye catching and meaningful. These number balloons do not require any support, they are equipped with their own stand and as a result can be conveniently placed on any part of a room be it at the entrance on the tables or aisle of a shop.

number balloons
  • Party Balloons

For parties, you need a surrounding which speaks of the joy felt for the particular occasion. A plain, melancholy room or hall does not represent a place for celebration. Balloons and parties go hand in hand. A party is incomplete, until it has been beautifully decorated with balloons. With the number of options and varieties available for such decoration you can let your creative mind run loose. While decorating a room for parties keep in mind the occasion for celebration. Have decorative and beautifully arranged balloon archs in the front gate. People will get the feel of the event from the moment they reach the venue. You can choose from a variety of arch decorations too, or customize them to suit your desire. At the entrance, have more balloon arch or place an inflatable character on the door which welcomes guests into the main hall. To make the party more unique and personalized, use photo balloons.

  • Printed Balloons

These are a special type of balloons which contain certain messages or logos of organizations on them. If the aim of a particular event is publicizing a brand, Printed balloons are the best way to do this. Printed balloons not only provide a fabulous display, but are also an easy and cheap way to spread brand awareness in the society. There is also special printed birthday balloons in the market. It is the most appropriate way for Start-up businesses that are short on money but require effective publicity to make their name and services known to people. Just, at the time of placing order for your balloons ask for printing the jingle of an item or image you want to publicize and see your order being made beautiful and delivered in a matter of days. Moreover, this type of balloons also finds their use in wishing good luck and quick recovery to loved ones.

Balloon Decor According To Occasion

There is a different type of party balloons available for different types of occasions. You will never run out of options while decorating. Printed, photo and numerical balloons give you enough artistic freedom required to be innovative while decorating. In the recent times, theme parties have become a craze. Be it birthday parties, weddings or welcome parties are always celebrated in themes. These parties make the special occasions more exciting. So don’t wait up to put on your artistic cap and imagine what you want for your party. But while thinking of decorations for parties, one thing that you should always maintain is the theme of the particular party. Take care that the decorations you are ordering are in sync with the occasion. For instance, a birthday party decoration should be different than a Valentine’s Day party. In a birthday party, you give more importance to a person and decorate, keeping in mind the age one has reached, but in a valentine’s day party who incorporate more romantic symbols which speaks of the love felt by people for each other. You can play mix and match with different kinds of balloons and transform the whole venue which will be in tune with the occasion.

  • Balloon Arch

Balloon archs are a hit among people to deck the venues for weddings, promotional and birthday parties. Arch decorations can be made in a variety of ways. At first, the initial necessity for arch building is determination about the area- length, breadth and height of where you want your arch to be formed. It is of the greatest importance that the arch is built according to the area which will not only beautify the venue, but will give you peace of mind that the arch will remain securely standing throughout the proceedings. The Second step is about making the decision of having helium or just ordinary air filled balloons. The easiest method of realizing your balloon arch ideas is by using, helium balloons and joining each of the balloons in a plastic strip in your personalized style. This particular strip is readily available at decorative stores or can also be purchased online. Small holes are made that attaches the balloons to the strip (helium ensures that the arch rise automatically), fix firmly and the arch is ready for use. For constructing a balloon arch a kit is available which can be ordered online consisting of any possible items which will be required during the building process. It is cheap too.

balloon arch
  • Balloon Decor for Birthday

Birthdays are a frequent event, many chances will come in your way to throw a birthday party, it can be for your child or other family members or friends. Every age has its own charm and is unique, so the ideas for birthday parties should also be unique. It is a personal event and the decorations should suit the taste of the birthday boy or girl. Every kid demands an exciting and colorful birthday. You can make their dream come true getting creative in designing the party. You can put lots of things like inflatable Disney character from their favorite cartoons at every corner of the room. Establish a beautiful castle with colorful balloons. Deck the staircase and the other areas of the room with spiraling balloons of their favorite color. For adults, decorates different areas of the room in a similar manner, but make the theme more mature. When adults celebrate their birthday, it is mainly celebrated at a milestone age. Thirty is considered to be an age where a person has completed his/ her education, found the right job, right life partner and has come to realize what he/she wants from life. So while throwing birthday party for older people try to give more emphasis on their work, success and their partner in life.

  • Balloon Decor For Anniversary

An anniversary celebration can be a wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the establishment of a particular corporation or may mark the completion of a year of a certain project. Whatever is the occasion, making it a memorable day is a must. Using differently designed numerical balloons is a very good idea to observe these occasions. Corporations can ask for their logos to be printed in these events which will effortlessly publicize their work. Balloon decorating services provide various packages for such events at different budget ranges. These packages come in different styles from which you can choose from making the process of decoration easy for you, but you can also ask them for making the particular package more personalized.

  • Balloon Decor For Wedding

A day when decorations are given the utmost importance, every minute detailing of the decoration is essential and it really needs to be as every moment and every corner of the venue will get captured in pictures which will end up in the wedding album. Every couple has a certain dream or fantasy surrounding the manner in which they want to get married. Since most couples want their weddings to be remembered as a stylish and classic event, they mainly opt for neutral and plain balloons. Do not stop in just decorating the party hall, the sight of the bride walking down the aisle can be made more mystifying by adding pillars of staked balloon at both sides of the aisle and the beauty of the wedding cake can be more enhanced by placing a nicely designed spiral or bunch of balloons in a contrasting color than the cake.

  • Balloon Decor For Graduation Party

Toiling for several years and passing out from school with flying colors- Graduation is a big achievement in one’s life. It lays the foundation stone for building the desired career. The year we graduate automatically becomes close to our heart. Such a life changing moment should be cherished forever. Number balloons make sure to incorporate this special year in your decorations too, which is a good way to showcase its importance to others. In such celebrations, large sized number balloons have become really popular. Graduation parties are incomplete without them. There are many varieties in graduation balloons. While decorating a party for graduation, it is thoughtful to have the balloons in the same color as that of the school or institute’s uniform or logo from which one has passed it gives the party surrounding a serious look and increases the gravity of the achievement.