Water Fight Balloons

Water Fight Balloons


Take a second to remember what were the things that made you ecstatic as a kid. Weren't balloons among those things? Didn't we all at least once cry for a bunch of those cheerful balloons or stare at beautifully designed balloon bouquets at parties? So, why not think of a burst of colours in a bunch of hopeful and cheerful balloons for our near and dear ones or organize a surprise party for the little ones?

Water Balloon Fight

Here are some water fight balloon games for the little ones.

Water Balloon Throwing:

Playing Tips:

Line up the kids to start the game, the aim of the first round is to see who throws the farthest while the second round aims to see who can throw the balloon through a hula hoop.

Water Balloon Games

Water Balloon Toss:

Playing Tips:

Divide guests in pairs in a way that each pair has to stand one meter apart and give, each in each team a water filled balloon with the aim to toss water balloons between one another and back again.  If they make a throw without water balloons hitting the ground they have to take one step back, throw again and Partners continue going further apart, until they end up with water on themselves, so the pair which makes the longest throw wins!

Other Ideas:  

Ideas for Balloon Games

  • Relays
  • Throwing a balloon in the air and catching
  • Checking who’s balloon lasts longest
  • Tossing back and forth with partners
  • Filling with shaving cream and water for messy fun
  • Dividing into teams and passing the balloons
  • Ending with a fun balloon fight
  • Picking up broken balloons for a treat!

Lets enjoy kids for the amazing water fight balloon game. Make moments special with various balloon games steps for kids.