ABC Balloon Game

ABC Balloon Game


Balloon bouquets have always been a great attraction for kids. Why not teach them alphabets or revise them while playing instead of sitting for hours with books or turning on a YouTube alphabet track? Here’s the ABC balloon game for your kids.

ABC Balloon Game

Things you need to play this fun game:

  • 26 balloons (red and white balloons in honor of Cat in the Hat are preferable)
  • A Black permanent marker
  • Four and/or more players (the greater the number, the better)

How to Play:

-> Inflate all the 26 balloons (ensure they are filled with air and not helium). Seek help if needed!

-> Write a letter from the alphabets on each balloon using the permanent marker, also draw the face of a cat on some balloons (not all).

-> Now, we are set to start this game! Make the kids assemble in a circle. Toss the balloon with A on it, in the circle, shouting "A". Ensure that the players also shouts back "A". The object is to keep your balloon in the air and to prevent it from hitting the floor.

-> Allow the kids to toss the balloon A around while you add balloon B into the mix.

-> Keep adding rest of your balloons, loudly pronouncing out each alphabet as you have done earlier. It might get a bitmessy, but don’t stop, the more the balloons the more fun!

-> As soon as a balloon hits the floor, make all the kids stop and recite all the alphabets once, and again resume the game. Keep doing this until all the balloons have hit the floor!

Stay tuned for more balloon party ideas.