Balloon Flip Flop

Balloon Flip Flop

Summer season is in! So, why not start to wear Flip Flops with some watery feeling. What an elegancy! Wearing flip flop is so comfortable and easy to carry while going outside or in the home as well. The best thing is that it is cheaper than any other kind of slippers. Flip flop with the balloon usage make that flip flop even more attractive and give a classy look too. 

Balloon Flip Flop

Things Needed for its Making:  

Making an eye-catching flip flop is so easy and requires nothing just a pair of beautiful Flip Flop and some water balloons are needed.

Steps for How to Make:

Take some balloons first and start tying on one end of the strap of flip flop as it is done in making of balloon bracelets. Now keep on doing till it reaches to the center of the strap. Similarly, Do these steps and bring it to the next end of the same strap. Tie the balloon in such a way that the smoother side touches the foot whereas knot side faces in upward direction. At the end, when all the balloons are tied, rotate the direction so that it won’t be felt that all the tops are on the same direction.

Helpful Tips:

Before tying the balloons stretch them a little and as soon as you tie the balloons on the strap of flip flop, drag them tight to make them look fluffy. But remember, Drag the balloons so closer not leaving any space between the balloons to make it look fastidious. It will be like some Balloon Games. So much Fun!