Balloon Bracelets

Balloon Bracelets

Who doesn’t love playing with balloons? No one, I guess, this is the best way to entertain kids with! Even, adults behave like kids when they get a chance to have some hilarious time to play with balloons. Am I right? Yes, of course.

Balloons bring the liveliness wherever they are, either when they are hung on wall, on fans or wherever no matter and if the balloons are flown in the air that brings the same liveliness and joy in all human beings hearts.  

Balloon Bracelets

Things Required for Making Bracelet of Balloons:

  • Balloons can never be wasted, if we have a bucket full of balloons or birthday party balloons if leave after party. So, why not we try to do something creative with such balloons.
  • As there are tremendous ways for usage of balloons so why not try with balloon bracelets this time. For this, a scissor, some balloons (no matter which size) and elastic are needed.
  • It’s highly appreciated by onlookers if worn in hands. It can be made with different colors or same colors as well. The size of the bracelet depends on the size of the balloons.
  • It depends on the occasion one is going to wear on. The best thing about it is that it can be matched well with the dress. 

Steps for its Making:

Balloon Wreaths

  • First cut some balloons into strips by scissor in about 2 inches length or according to your wrist’s measurement.
  • Now, put these strips into the elastic one by one and adjust these in the way so as to bring wiggle room in it while wearing in hands.

This might be certainly a fun activity!