Popular Movie for Halloween

Popular Movie for Halloween

What is the plan after Halloween party? Have you decided? Let’s help you by giving you the hint of playing horrible movies in the dark night. Trend setters still watch Halloween make the scary Halloween even scarier. Here we have described all the horrifying movies to make the Halloween night a horrible night. If you are excited to watch the thrilling movies in the Halloween night, here is the list of Halloween movies.

Popular movie for Halloween

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is horror film released in 1974 in the direction of Tobe Hopper. This film was stopped showing in theatre because of its violent picturization. But this is named as the best hallowen movie for its characterization of the killer and the hulking and faceless figure. This film is based on the plot of serial killer ED Gein. For its killing weapons and characterization this is called as the best and most influential horror films in cinema world.



Suspiria is the horrifying movie where all the horror lurks in the shadows. This is an Italian horror movie comes with many red walls in one building. A film is of mystery and suspense of murderers. A film is about an American Ballet student who then transfers to a prestigious dance academy in Germany. But later on she realized that she is amidst of series of witches and supernatural murderers. It’s horrible soundtrack and vibrant colors make it a most influential horror film of the time.


If you are super excited to see the witches and horror in the deadly night of Halloween watch this film. Halloween movie was released in 1978 by John Carpenter. The film has suspense, drama, thrill, horror each and every aspect of Halloween theme is covered. It is the low budget horror film of 1970s. It is said that this is the first horror film released and first time effect of recarnation or rebirth of human being is appeared. Spiritually, morally, historically this film is being very significant for the people who believe in spirits.


The ring

The ring film is very popular film in Horror movie series. So many series of the ring is than after released. The ring was the first short horror movie film with amazing visual effects and horrible sound tracks. If you are adult and bare to see the deadly faces and witches you must watch this movie on Halloween night. The ring sequel is released in 2017. 2017 sequel is a supernatural psychological horror film released only for the festival of Halloween 2017.



Poltergeist film is a terrifying film co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg. This film is about the ghosts, demons and the beasts. The film is about the belief in Poltergeist curse. it is a film about the sacrifices of Carol Anne the leading character of the film. She  scarifies to help the beasts “the Ghosts” to lead them into the light.

So here are the terrifying list of Halloween movies you can enjoy in the dark night of Halloween. You can also find some interesting comedy horror movies for kids from online. Halloween is soon going to knock the doors. All the above films are super exciting and suspense and full of thrill. If you are ready to bare the scary faces, you can watch these horror movies in Halloween.