Places to Celebrate Halloween

Places to Celebrate Halloween

The tradition of Halloween originated in Ireland. Many people think that it got originated in America, but it is not the case. It is celebrated all over the world. People dress up in different costumes and remember the people who have passed away. Plan to travel on this Halloween. Some of the popular places are described as below-

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA



It is one of the popular places where the party of Halloween around the world is celebrated. Enjoy the haunted places and do the paranormal tours. It is one of the best places for Halloween. Don’t forget to visit French quarter and cemeteries. Frenchmen street is the biggest street party celebrations in the fascinating costumes. You can enjoy haunted houses, zoos, and Voodoo music.


London, England



There are many Halloween parties occur in England. If you want to enjoy the most, then Dungeon is the best place to visit. You can face the villains like Sweeny Todd. There occur three rides and 14 terrifying rides. Also, visit the location where Sir William Wallace was executed and old churchyard.


Hollywood, California, USA



There are many dark theme parks in the Universal Studios. Theme parks transformed into horror wonderland with maze, horror rides and scare zones. It will make you scream in horror. There are stunning effects that will make you loud at the top of your voice. Approx. 500,000 people come in the street of west Hollywood. There are many photo stations, food vendors, king and queen.


New York City, New York, USA



The parade closes down the city of Manhattan. The visitors from all over the world come to visit here. It came into existence in 1974. This parade has dancers, giant puppets and costumes. If you are in a costume, you can participate in this event. If you just want to watch the parade, feel comfortable at 6th avenue. You can also enjoy Crypt crawl in Cathedral of St. John the divine. You can also participate in the ghost walk. The city has haunted hotels, zoo, museum, and Bars.





The most important place of Halloween is the Saunders farms. It is famous for live shows, parade, pumpkin patch, food booths and much more. It is the Canada on of the most popular haunted space. Few other places are pumpkin Fest, spooky wagon ride, Halloween celebration at horaceville.


Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA



Here the Halloween celebration takes place throughout October. Phillipsburg Manor is a 300 year old Halloween event. It gets transformed into a fearsome landscape filled with vampires, ghosts, witches and many special effects. If you want to have a tour, you can go to Lyndhurst castle. You can meet with the spirits of Phantom of Opera and mummy. You can also enjoy haunted hayrides, fairs, parades, and music. Visit OldDutch burying ground that is the oldest cemeteries where Washington Irving was buried.





Halloween got originated in Ireland by the name of Samhain night. It marks the end of crop harvest. It symbolizes shorter days. It is believed that the spirits visit the mortal world. The largest Halloween is celebrated in Derry City on the banks of is celebrated from 25th October to 2nd November. During these nine days, there is the celebration in the form of fire dancing, parade and fireworks. You can also enjoy dragon safari, catwalks, scary movies and workshops.





Day of the dead is celebrated on 2nd November in Mexico. It is a three- day celebration that starts from 31st October. It is believed that the spirits come to meet with their families. Janitzio is a place where the rituals of the dead people are performed. Between folk dances and music families gather in the cemetery.

Visitors can roam and do the shopping in the markets of Oaxaca. You can also participate in the night carnival, comparsas. Take part in the sand tapestry competition.  A procession takes place in Mixquic that performs the candle light ceremony in the cemetery. You can enjoy the chicken in Merida, Yucatan that is cooked underground. It is believed that the spirits and living beings enjoy this feast. In Chiapa de Corzo, the cemetery is decorated.


Transylvania, Romania



Romania is the best place to celebrate Halloween. You can plan to visit Vlad the Impaler. The most important character is Dracula. You can spend the night in a haunted castle of Transylvania.


Salem, Massachusetts, USA



If you have gone through the history books of America, then you can understand the importance of Salem Halloween. You can enjoy the festival of the dead. Salem attracts 500,000 visitors each year in October. This event takes place for 31 days. Don’t Miss Psychic Fair where you can communicate with mediums, crystal ball and psychics. Attend ritual drummers and voodoo ceremony.

Feel the sensation of Halloween by travelling to the above mentioned places during the Halloween season. Celebrate Halloween with a great enthusiast and joy.