Halloween games

Halloween games


Halloween is a heart throbbing occasion celebrated worldwide on 31st October. But people infuse fun into this celebrating this deadlier occasion. Mostly kids enjoy this celebration by playing Halloween games around. Not only kids but adults also now involve into this fun. If you do not know about which types of Halloween games Is played during this event, let us help you. We have described all age Halloween party games to play and have fun in this upcoming event.




For Adults



Horror Movie Trivia

This is an interesting game play for adults. Put the horror movie trivia questions on the table. Whoever gives right question is rewarded with their favorite drink. And who loses they have to drink a shot of other’s choice.


Monster Mash

Fun with difficulty game is a Mystery mash. Here guests have to make a pair and they have to stand on the sheet of the paper. Once music stops the pair has to fold the sheet. Again music starts and they have to dance. Again they have to fold the sheet. Pair sticks on the small sheet wins the game.

For Teens



Pass the orange

Teenagers to adults all can enjoy playing this game. For these adults has to make a team. The line starts with the person who held the orange in the neck pressed with chin. Now in this line the person has to give orange to next person. And this way whoever team passes the orange fast is become the winner.


Pop Me! If You Can

Where there is a fun party, balloons game is always accepted. The game is all about pop as much balloons you can. Every party person has to tie balloon on their foot. The fun behind playing this game is you have to protect your balloon from popping and you have to pop others balloons. Also you can play it second time by tying the balloon again.

For Kid



Ping Pong Pumpkin Game

The game is about to toss a ball in the lighted pumpkin cup. It requires a table to stand a lighted pumpkin at the desirable height. And the light inside the pumpkin cups. Kids have to throw a ball into the lighted Halloween cup. Whoever throws three balls into pumpkin cup rewarded with consolation prize?


Spider Web Game

This is another playful game for kids. You need a spider web and toys and plastic insects. The Spider web is easily available in the market. First of all put three buckets behind this web. Kids must stay far about three to 4 feet from the web. Kids have given the balls and they have to toss the insects to fall it into bucket behind the web. This is not easy but very exciting game to make the kids busy.


There are so many other games which you can play and enjoy having fun in party time. If you are going to make a party for Halloween you can plan about Halloween games as per. You can fill fun and excitement in the party by arranging such kind of Halloween games in the party.