Halloween Decoration

Halloween Decoration


Today Halloween is one of the most favored occasions of all the holidays. As soon as autumn hits, it happens. It is a great time for decorating and people love to decorate their houses now. They spend times in making their homes look scary and fun. Whether it’s inside or out, people do crazy stuffs to decor all the places. Its fall time, so you will get lots of color to execute your ideas. It is hard to choose which decor ideas will go right with the flow. So, here are few tips for you, which will give some ideas to decorate your place for Halloween party!



Indoor Decoration:



Do you want to spook up your home with different scary stuffs? Here, you will get lots of fun ideas to give your indoor decor a Halloween look.



Candy Corn Centrepiece

No table is complete without a candy corn centrepiece. This is very easy to make and it looks great on any table or windowsill. More centrepieces you keep more beautiful display you can create. Try to add some original candy corns within it, as those are yummy!



Hanging Bats and Ghosts

Are planning for an Epic Halloween Party, to surprise your dear ones? Then hanging bats and ghosts are must. Create a chandelier of hanging bats and decorate the roof inside your home. Craft tons of hanging ghosts and place it all over your balcony to give a cool effect.


Cobweb Coasters

Give your table a creepy look with fun cobweb coasters. Place some toy spiders all over it.


Boo Bottles

Put some boo bottles to give your interior a terrifying yet cute look. It is easy to make and the spooky faces on the bottles will fetch attention of everyone.


Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Floating witch hats are perfect way to light up your porch or hall. It creates an ideal ambiance and gives a Halloween touch. By lighting up these luminaries, the neighbourhood kids will get to know that you are ready with the trick-or-treat candies!

Outdoor Decoration:


Give your yard a terrifying makeover. Put some crazy yet spooky outdoor decorations. Here are some outdoor Decoration ideas which will help you to make your lawn a perfect haunted graveyard.


Ghostly Lanterns

Give your entry way a nice Halloween look with these lanterns. These are cheap and cheerful and it will make your walkway ghostly with Halloween glow.



Halloween Luminaries

If you want luminaries as a part of your Halloween decoration, then paper bag lights are perfect to create the aura. It will look great if you put this on the stairs or porch rail.


Black Cat O’Lanterns

The cute little black cats will give your yard a great eerie Halloween glow. If you are sick of carving pumpkins then black cat o’lantern is the perfect alternative. Stack them in front of your staircase and give the trick-or-treaters a thrill.


Pumpkin Bonfire

Whether you are young or old, everyone loves to carve pumpkin. It is a fun way to showcase your bonfire idea. The finished product makes a great Halloween decoration. If you have flamboyance for the extreme, these awesome bonfire pumpkins are right for cheer up your Halloween spread.


Lawn Skeleton

If you are someone who wants to go extreme in Halloween, then you must plan a graveyard on your lawn. Place few skeletons here and there and make your Halloween party more attractive. People will appreciate your efforts and it will make your place more scary and haunted.



Decorate inside and out of your house with different fun filled stuffs. And make your Halloween party more special this year. Kids will enjoy like anything. The older persons are definitely going to praise your creepy, chilling, bloodcurdling ideas.