Halloween Around The World

Halloween Around The World

World is waiting for the upcoming deadlier celebration of Halloween. There are different types of traditions and culture of celebrating Halloween around the world. This is one of the oldest and very famous traditions followed across the world. It is believed that it is marked as the end of the summer and people believe that the on October 31st ghosts returns to earth and causing trouble and damage crops. That is why people use bonfires and animal sacrifices and dress up in black to remove the bad spirits from the earth.

Well this is the belief but there are so many rituals and different culture behind celebrating the festival. Let us show you, how people around world celebrate Halloween.

halloween around the world


In Belgium there is no tradition of celebrating it. In some cities people do celebrate this day as All Saint’s day. But you will find in most of the villages people light candles and pray for the dead relatives to rest their soul in the peace.


Austria celebrates this day as Pumpkin festival. The Halloween celebration kicks on November 11. On this day people put the bread, water and light lmap outside the house. They believe that dead souls come to earth on this day.


Halloween is most popular festival of Ghost in China. This is called a holiday for this day. You can find the festive decorations on this day. Locally this festival is known as the festival of the hungry ghosts. On this day people put their dead relative food and water in front of their photographs and delight the paths to light the paths of the spirit on earth.

Canada/ USA

Canada and USA are the country enjoying the celebration of Halloween with trick-or-treating on 31st October. It is a national holiday and all age people wear black and white costumes, make pumpkin lanterns and light outside the home and find Halloween gift ideas for kids. Celebrate it with ghost party wearing deadlier costumes.


In England it is popular as mischievous night. It follows the same trick-or-treat tradition. There is a minor difference of celebration of Halloween in England. In USA children carve pumpkins. In England children uses large beet to carve the jack o “lantern.


France do not reveal it as a public holiday. This is just a fun celebration for the France people. They celebrate it with wearing scary costumers and heading a ghost party at night.


Germany people celebrate Halloween on 11 November. But people start to decorate their house for Halloween from October. And they celebrate it by costume parties and delighting a lantern outside the home.


In Italy the celebration of Halloween take place on November 1st every year. This day is called “The Souls Day” in Italy. There people make the traditional cookie “Fave dei Morti” and offered to dead relatives and gods.


Philippines celebrate it with children pass from one house to another and sing a song. In return they get food, candies and money. The mean of this tradition is to sing the song for the spirits who are still wandering on the earth.


In Japan Obon festival is refereed as the same festival of Halloween. This day Japanese dress up very well and together enjoy the celebration. They special visit the temples and pray for the spirits of ancestors to place in Heaven.


For Thailand it is a time of celebration. This is celebrated as a huge festival here. people walk and celebrate it with great fervor. All the night bars are open and people take huge part in this celebration. Also gay and lesbian communities are warmly welcomed to follow this huge celebration.


Ireland follows “knock-a-dolly” tradition here. Children enjoy knocking the doors of neighbor and run away before they open the door. People basically involve children in playing card game. This day people enjoy special fruit cake called Barnbrack.

We have described some of the country’s famous customs for celebrating Halloween. if you are going to visit any of the above city, this article will help you in acknowledging the tradition of Halloween of that country.