Myths & Superstitions of Halloween

Myths & Superstitions of Halloween

Halloween is the deadlier celebration enjoyed worldwide 31st October every year. This cause a huge party at night, people are invited in the party with horrible costumes and skeletal masks and faces. Kids also enjoy this party by wearing batman and Spiderman costumes. Halloween is a time where people intended to celebrate the celebration of life and death. But there are some traditions and myths behind celebrating this fest. Let’s show you some supernatural beliefs and superstitions which are followed in Halloween three days celebration. People have a great belief on some myths. It is said that if you follow some traditions rightly you can definitely get good luck from this fest.

What is Superstition?

Superstition means the belief in supernatural influence. There are several things which are scary and people do avoid doing such kind of things. Some superstitions lead to good luck and some to bad. And people follow the practice to avoid bad luck. We have provided some of instances or myths about Halloween superstitions. For three days celebration people strictly follow such type of super beliefs.

Superstitions and myths behind Halloween

  • It is a tradition that everyone used to eat pumpkin cake or dessert made with Pumpkin. There is a history behind it. We will show you the brief history about this tradition.
  • There is a person called Jack O’Lantern. He was farmer who tried to trick the devil. For this he was punished to not to stay in hell or heaven. He was forced to wander around streets aimlessly. And the Pumpkin is known as a face of Jack o’Lantern. People use to deck the monster faces and light the candles inside to remove the evil spirits from home.
  • Halloween is marked as a Celtic Year that remarks as the end of the summer. It is the time when farmers harvesting crops for winter. People feed farmers and beggars to this day to please the god.
  • It is a great belief in Halloween that do not look back if your hear sound of steps behind you. if you will look back the death will follow you.
  • There is one good myth about Halloween. It is a belief that if you see a spider around you it is your loved one watching and roaming around you.
  • White cat is a symbol of Bad luck for three days. If you see white cat or white cat crosses your road, you might face unwanted situations around you.
  • There is a myth behind left foot. If you wake up from the bed on Halloween put your right foot first on floor. If you put your left foot first you might get bad luck on this day.
  • Be talkative when you are taking a dinner. It is a supernatural belief that if you sit silently on the dinner table, evil spirits can get into your home.
  • A single girl can dream of her future prince by putting rosemary under her pillow.