Facts of Halloween

Facts of Halloween


The dark night is almost near to celebrate; Halloween is soon to be followed into October month. There are many stories about Halloween, why it is celebrated. Here we are going to write some fun facts about Halloween. Enjoy this mysterious dark night with our candy bouquet gift ideas.



Fun Facts about Halloween

  • The first fun fact is disclosed that first Jack o Lantern was actually made from turnip.
  • Now Halloween is a holiday and people celebrate and enjoy this scary occasion by going for shopping Halloween masks and doing late night parties.
  • This is an entertaining holiday for the kids. Kids love to celebrate this fest because kids are free to enjoy chocolate candy for this day.
  • Ancient times people refer that owl is a symbol of Halloween. If someone listens hear owl’s call it means it is a death call for him/her.

Halloween candy facts

  • There are huge numbers of Halloween candies are made to celebrate this day. Only on this single day around 600 millions candies are purchased only by Americans.
  • Chocolate is a crush of kids and that is why most of chocolate candies are prepared to sold during the Halloween week.
  • Sneakers. Kit Kat, M & M’s, Reese’s, Kit kat, Cadbury are the most popular and most wanted candies of these days.
  • Candy Corn is also popular in Halloween days. Candy apples, gummy worms, candy pumpkins are the most searched term in Google in October month.
  • Alabama is rated at the top for searching the candy corn the most.
  • Now people returned to dig into organic candies. Gluten free or sugar free candies are the most searched terms of these days.
  • Even if the American has a low budget, each and every, spends around $44 a year on Halloween candy!



Mysterious Facts about Halloween


  • There is couple of weird Halloween facts and traditions followed by every country. We will show you some of the famous Halloween tradition here.
  • In Colonial America bakers hide various things in the cake. If you find a thimble that is a symbol of bad luck and it says that you would go to a costly visit to the dentist soon.
  • In the villages of Hinton St George there is a different tradition. Children walk around the jack o ‘lanterns and begging for candies and money.
  • In Germany it is a belief to hide all the knives in the home. They believe that spirits may return and injure them.
  • In Italy it is celebrated with the beans of the dead. This is one type of cookie called Fave Dei Morti which is translated as the beans of the dead.