Flowers Heal Emotions

Ways In Which Flower-Power Can Heal Emotions


Since inception, flowers have help a unique place as social, aesthetic and spiritual symbols. It’s amazing how even a bouquet consisting of the simplest flowers can change the surrounding atmosphere. A bunch of flowers given to your sweetheart has the same effect as an expensive flowers bouquet. Flowers are used to express so many emotions: Be it love, forgiveness, recovery, message or to liven up the mood.


Aromatherapy And Its Importance


Synonymous as “flower-power”, aromatherapy was developed in the last century. Robert Bach discovered that flowers have an amazing property of healing emotions. After processing the flowers, their essences are used either with water or with an alcohol base. The basic function of aromatherapy is to balance the positive and negative states of the body. Different flower essences are used to heal different emotions like rose essence gives peace of mind, hibiscus essence is used to dispel anger and jasmine essence enhances your confidence.


Flowers Heal Emotions

Different Ways To Use Flowers As Emotional Healers

  • Place a bouquet in your office and see how it transforms the emotions of your as well as your colleagues into vibrant and lively.
  • Send a bunch of flowers to a sick friend or relative and rest assured you’ll brighten up their day.
  • After a fight with the person you love, take a bouquet of their favorite flowers and it would augment the process of forgiveness.

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