Flowering Plants


Fabulous Decorative Ideas with Flower Plants

Flower Plant decorations can be used at all places at all times. They can be used in offices, homes, hotels and virtually in all corners of your dream space. These can be arranged in several forms such as entrepieces, indoor and outdoor buckets, pots and flower beds. One can also make use of popular plants such as hibiscus, creepers such as the money plant, bougainvillea, jasmine etc. that not only add the charm of green to your dream space but also fill the milieu with their unique fragrance when they flower.

Apart from that one can use the lucky bamboos, bonsais to pep up the cheer in a residence, hotel lobbies, and party halls. The lucky bamboos are comparatively cheaper on the pockets and easy to maintain as well. No occasion is complete without the flower plant decorations be it a wedding, anniversary, baby shower etc.One can always bank on the traditional bouquets of flowers to pep up the mood of the people as well as spaces. All time favorite cactuses or indoor plants without aroma that require moderate sunlight can always add to the grandeur of the corners of the dream house.

Varieties of Blooming Plant for Decorative Purpose

One can get tons of ideas for decorating your house with flowers and plants. One can add a bouquet of cheerful daisies and orchids in the living room or bamboo plants at your home office desk. The different species of the blooming plants are listed here for ready reference:

African violet Plants :

It is A popular flower plant, having heart-shaped leaves. Purple, pink, yellow, white, lavender, red, and combination of two colors make the perfect flower plant for decoration.

Areca Palm Plants :

This flower plant is popular because of availability in different sizes from 3 feet to more than 10 feet and readily available in the market.

Bromeliad Plants :

With central floral spikes of 2 feet tall along with and 8 to 10 inch long spiny edged leaves make an excellent flower plant. The leaves can form a shape of a cup which can hold even water.

Cactus Plants :

There are about 2,500 varieties of Cactus Plants exist in the nature. Some well knew varieties include pincushion, rat-tail, bunny ears, golden barrel cacti etc. Most of them have sharp needles, and some are equipped with fibers having hair-like nature.

Cyclamen :

With five petals that resemble butterflies to add charm of this flower plant is gaining wide popularity. Blooms are available in different hues including white, lavender, pink or red and even bicolored.

Dieffenbachia Plants :

With large Leaves of about 1 foot wide and 18 inches long, Dieffenbachias are suitable for indoor plant because they can adapt inside environment better than most of the other plants.

Geranium Plants :

they are supposed to be excellent bedding plants. They have clusters of beautiful five-petalled blooms having red, pink, orange, magenta, white or bicolor.

Jade Plants :

These are easy to grow and have shiny, light green, elliptical shaped leaves that can have 2 inches long, and are mostly edged in red. The plants may grow up to 30 inches tall.

Ivy Plants :

These vines like blooming plant is available in many shades of basic green and some with whitish or yellowish variations. The shapes of the leaf vary with cultivars. It may from pointed to somewhat round and can be as long as 4 inches.

Orchid Plants :

It has more than 17,000 known species with varying sizes and shapes. They are popular across the world for its natural beauty.

Poinsettia Plants :

these are a popular as a gift as well as home decoration during the Christmas season. The Flower on these potted plants may be red, pink, yellow, white or variegated etc.

Schefflera Plants :

It grows tall with thick and shiny leaves. The leaves are found in cluster of seven to eight and form an umbrella shape. They are basically long-lived flower plants and can be more than 8 feet.

It is not unusual for a person to get innovative flower plant decoration ideas. Flowers and plants help to add warmth and dash to any dream home. Your dream home is filled with joy and flowers, plants just an aid to help spread that further.

Therefore, the home or office dcor is impossible without the beauty of flower plants. So if you do have great ideas for decorating your dream home share the joy further as it will double yours as well.