Birthday Month Flower

Semblance of Birthday Flowers

The mystical quality of happiness that is so scarce these days knocks in our lives certainly on this particular day of the year called Birthday- your very own day when you were born. For some every passing one is memorable if we make it so. This phenomenal day is such that it gives a different start to your year. The ride from childhood to adolescence to womanhood to old age, every passing birthday will give you something to remember, and this is a vital part of your memorabilia. Moreover, when you glance behind every such day that you remember you will find some things common amongst all of them.

Try this memory exercise and believe me it works. Try remembering about Birthday Flowers that you have received on your birthday all these years. The first flowers on your birthday were perhaps "Roses". Flowers are powerful symbols and make a great style statement as well. Sending flower bouquets are believed to be the best gift one could give to the birthday of your loved ones.

Relevance of gift and flora on the eve of birthday

Sending birthday flower bouquets has become easier due to the online sales. There are a variety of sites available who even ship assortments overseas. Some of the popular bloom stores such as Fern and Blooms are always in demand due to the nice variety that they offer as far as flora is concerned. But does one look at the price, in front of the happiness of the one whom those flowers would be bestowed upon.


One can gift flowers for birthdays, anniversaries as well as special birthdays. Special arrangements are called upon while celebrating the passage from adolescence to adulthood i.e. the sixteenth birthday and also celebrating the golden jubilee. The platinum and centenary are occasions that are not really seen by everyone, and these call for an extra dose of celebrations.

While you can always call the flower decorators who can give the correct advice about the birthday flowers, birthday flower bouquets and birthday flower baskets if you are looking to decorate your modest house, it is such a delight to actually do them on our own.

The Romans believed that every child born in a certain month had a particular flower. So did the Celts, highlanders British as well as the Americans. It was said that the flower of a particular month has the ability to guide a person of that month in spiritual matters if the person is able to understand the language of flowers. It is also said that the spirits of these flowers actually help you to connect yourself to the nature. They thus play a very important role in the lives of these people who are surrounded by nature. Thus, selection of proper birthday flower is utmost important in making the birthday memorable and charismatic. Popular beliefs date the flowers are given below. The following list will guide and help you in selecting the right color and right flower which suits for the season, month and ambience etc.

Month wise selection of appropriate birthday blossoms

The flower for the month of January is The Carnation, which comes in assorted colors like white, yellow, red, pink and the rarest purple, symbolizes peace and is associated with love...

The flower for February is Violet...or Primrose... that also is believed to have magical properties by the Wiccans. It is widely used to welcome faithfulness and spread love in the lives of the people you shower them upon

The flower of March is Daffodil which is powerful in warding off negative energy in a space. It is common for people to have a birthday resolution every year and as one celebrates the journey of entering into a new year. Daffodil helps in getting rid of negative vibes and proved to be an ideal birthday gift for march.

The flower of April is Daisy or the flower that symbolizes new birth. It is popularly used to shower upon the infants.

The flower of May is Lily that symbolizes returning to happiness. This fill myriad with emotions as it takes a quick glimpse of the past.


The flower of June is Rose especially red one is supposed to be the perfect gift for birthday for your spouse and girlfriend as well . Sending red rose to your spouse would lay emphasis on your ever increasing and constant love for them on their birthday.

The flowers in July are Water Lilies also called Lotus in Asia including India, Philippines south east Asian countries Anand Larkspurs which symbolize faith and courage. It also signify the warmth of care one feel for his dear one in showcasing the love in the relationship.

The flowers of August Poppies and Gladiolus both are believed to have miraculous medicinal properties. Therefore also signify to a panacea in the form of prayer to get rid of the troubles in the coming year.


The flowers in September are Asters and Morning glory that symbolize patience. These birthday gift has the ability in strengthening the bond of relation.

The flowers of October are Calendula, Cosmos that are soothing, and mind-calming flowers. This gift gives you a great opportunity to wrap into a bouquet and convey the wonderful wishes.

November's flower is Chrysanthemum, which symbolizes cheerfulness, great flowers to gift to a friend. By gifting Chrysanthemum on birthday one can reinvent and cherish the friendship.

December's flower is Holly that is believed to repel the poison reaching into your home and a general good luck charm. Therefore it is a perfect flower gift to wish your dear one to start afresh on a positive note.

The assortment of birthday flowers can be as vivid and as colorful and more symbolic as a person's journey. The birthday flower offerings will be inevitably available at every flower store. Depending on your budget and taste of the individual, you can gift them either a birthday flower basket, pure bouquets or even a live plant with a flower for that matter.