Giving Cookies

Wedding Cookies ideas

To make a wedding perfect a sweet cake is essential, but to make it more perfect arrange a cookie table. There are many ideas for wedding cookies, and some are given below:

  • Dark Chocolate Meringue Drops: These cookies have fragile exterior, moist, and soft interior and are puffy.
  • Mexican wedding Cookies: one batch of this cookie yields eight dozen cookies.
  • Sweetheart Sandwich Cookies: The cookie consists two sugar cookie layers that are held together by creamy, rich marshmallow center.

Birthday Cookies ideas

Make your birthday special by serving cookies with your birthday cake. Some ideas for birthday cookies are:

  • Sugar Cookie Candy Melts: The cookies are soft, chewy, and buttery
  • Cookie Pops: These cookies are specially made on sports lover or sports player's birthday parties
  • Cartoon cookie: These cookies are shaped according to cartoon characters.
  • Age cookies: The cookies have the age of the person whose birthday it is carved in it.

Christmas Cookies ideas

Welcome your guest or bestow cookies upon your loved one on Christmas. Some ideas for Christmas cookies are:

  • White Christmas tree cookies: The cookies are iced and decorated. They are made up with a roll out cookies.
  • Snowmen and villagers cookie: Make gingerbread village houses, snowman and villagers.
  • Christmas tree cookies: These cookies are given the shape of a Christmas tree and icing gives the feel of sparkles and dot ornaments.

Halloween Cookies ideas

Make your Halloween more interesting and freighting with Halloween cookies. The ideas for Halloween cookies are:

  • Pumpkin Sugar Cookie: The cookies are made up with sugar cookie recipe, rolled and cut into frightful Halloween shapes.
  • Owl cookies: Owl cookies are easy to make, and it adds horror to your Halloween.
  • Masquerade cookies: These cookies are edible mask cookies made with soft dough and attach to lollipop sticks.

Thanksgiving Cookies ideas

People you want to thank for the good things they did to you, give them thanksgiving cookies. Some ideas related to it are:

  • Berry cookies: Give cookies in the shape of the berry for people who like berries.
  • Thank message cookies: You do not have to express your thanks verbally as these cookies have the message carved in them.