Cookie Types

Cookies are slowly and steadily becoming the most opted choice of snacks for people. Some say it is better than a biscuit while the others say it is better than even cakes. Thus, in a very short span of time they have become the favorite of people of all generations. In such a case, it is very crucial to know about each and every type of cookie available in the market. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Drop cookie

It is prepared by dropping soft dough on the baking sheet. As the baking progresses dough sheets flatten and spread. There are a number of cookies that fall in this category, such as peanut cookies, oatmeal cookies and raisin cookies.

  • Fan cookie or fantail cookie

The unique part of this cookie is the shape of it. It is a fan-shaped cookie filled with flavors such as chocolates, strawberries, etc. The look of this cookie excites people to use it on occasions such marriages, birthdays, etc.

  • Financier

It is a tea cake made from brown butter’s batter, whites of egg, flour, toasted almonds and sugar. Financier has got its name after the rich merchants who were the most visited people of the baker who founded it. The shape of the cookies, based on the concept of gold bars and thus they were of rectangular shapes earlier. What started with a simple rectangular shaped cookie is now available in a number of shapes in the market.  The unique taste of it and the unique look of it have only elevated it to the most opted snacks in the menu of the bakery shops.

  • Florentine Cookie Or Almond Lace Cookie

It is a delicate and crisp cookie, rolled in the shape of cigars mostly or are eaten in flatten forms. The most popular type of almond lace cookie is the one dipped in chocolate sauce. There are other opted varieties also such as the orange flavor dipped and cherry flavor dipped.

  • Flute Cookie

Flute cookie known as the popular rolled wafer cookie and is made into wafers and is the most seen variety of cookies.

  • Fried Cookie

It’s prepared in fried dough with powdered sugar dusted on top of the dough. The recently added flavors of the cookie are the chocolate flavored, oatmeal flavored, and the fryer toasted ones. The classic fried cookies are the ones dipped in chocolate sauce and served in the menus of most of the restaurants.