Cake Shapes

Cake Shapes
  • Cupcakes and madeleines

Cupcakes online are the most usual cakes that are seen in almost all of the confectionery shops. It can be an ordinarily decorated one or something that is decorated in a different manner. It has different flovors like chocolate cupcake, vanila cupcake and many more. Madeleines on the other hand, are butter cakes that are different from the usual cupcakes. They have a shell shape and is extremely stomach filling on events such as birthdays etc.

  • Cake balls

Cake balls are the cakes that are seen almost in every cake shop whether they are local or internationally renowned ones. A chocolate cake ball is the most usual one available in the market. These are made of crumbled cake with a mixture of frosting on it. The outer part of theirs is covered with candy coating. You can make these special also by coating almonds, etc. on them.

  • Conical

Cakes in the shape of a cone are often seen on events such as birthday parties. You can make a conical cake depicting a cap. A full strawberry wedding cake that is decorated with roses at the bottom and has strawberry colored balls on the upper part and this look really lovely as a wedding cake.

  • Bundt cakes

If you are planning to make online cake delivery for your loved one on the event of her birthday, then the advice is to go for a Bundt cake. It is a cake made in a Bundt pan which gives it a unique ring shaped look. On the events such as wedding, engagement and many more, Bundt cakes look unique as well as lovely in every aspect. 

  • Layer cakes

Layer cakes are cakes that have a somewhat different taste in every layer or at times have the same taste only but are merely separated. The most common example of it is a cake with alternating layers of chocolates and vanilla in them.

  • Sheet cakes

Cakes prepared on a plain sheet pan are called sheet cakes. These are there, in the cake market since centuries, but still their demand has not diminished. You can make designs on them or write notes of greetings on them too.

  • Swiss cakes

Also known as sponge cake roll that is made of flour, cream and is in the shape of a roll. It is prepared in a sheet pan and is currently found in every cake shop for normal as well as party use.