Cake Recipes

Cake Recipes

On the very hearing of the word cake brings waters in people’s mouth, which only tells how much people love having cakes. In such a case visiting cake shops every now and then, to buy your favorite cake can cost you a lot too. The better option is to make one at your own house after knowing how to make your favorite one. If you are lacking a source, then this article is sure to give you one.

  • Cheese cake

Cheese is an item that is eaten almost every day by people. Cheese is eaten for breakfast with bread, and then our much loved item pizza is also a product that is incomplete without cheese. Besides being a part of this, cheese is eaten also in cakes. Cheese cakes are simple to make as what you require specifically is cheese along with the other items that are needed in the cake. You can decorate it more specifically also with either fruits or you can eat it without decoration even.

  • Rum cake

If you want to make a wonderful rum cake for breakfast for your family, then all you require is a bundt pan, if you want your rum cake to have a ring like shape. On the pan you can spread pecans in the base so that after spreading the mixture your cake would have pecans in their bottom part. In another bowl you can beat eggs with oil and water and rum. Mix this mixture with flour appropriately so that there is no excess of rum in the bowl. The rest of the baking process is pretty easy and takes hardly 10 minutes of time.

  • Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is the cake that is liked by almost everyone. To make one all you require is mixing eggs, water, etc with chocolate powder to make a mixture. Chocolate mixture is available in the market also for making chocolate cake, thus there is no problem of unavailability. You can decorate it also with chocolate cream to give it an all the more mesmerizing taste.

  • Strawberry cake

Mixing strawberry with the cake mixture can present you your wonderful strawberry cake or you can make a vanilla cake and add on top of it strawberry for decoration. What you require is beating the eggs with oil, water and vanilla and after the cake is baked you can add fresh strawberries on them.